RIP Khaki the Cornish X, aka Sweet Pea

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    On Christmas Eve, my sweet Cornish X named Khaki died of a heart attack at my feet in my living room, a few feet from our Christmas tree. It was extremely disturbing to see, but at least she got to be with her human flock. She weighed in at nearly 15 pounds. She was almost 8 months old. She was one of my "Plops" so named because they would find a place they liked and plop down and stay for a while (see pictures below).

    The cruel irony of it is that I had no idea I was getting "meat birds" for pets when I bought the six cute fuzzies as my first ever chickens from TSC last April. I did not know that these were the kinds of birds I had heard about that were destined to be enormous and die of a young age because of their breeding. To the great teasing of just about everyone, I have not eaten any kind of bird for ten years (eggs are OK). Not to get political, but I didn't like the factory farming thing and didn't know back then of places to get free range or otherwise humanely treated chicken. Plus, I have been into parrots for a while and just couldn't imagine eating a bird-it would be like eating my friends. Especially now that I enjoy the company of chickens and ducks, pet birds that other people would eat.

    So not only has Khaki suffered a cruel fate through no fault of her own, her two brothers had to be euthanized this summer, and I know the remaining three girls, while OK now, will be meeting the same fate likely within a matter of months. So not only is it a personal loss, I have inadvertly supported a practice I don't personally care for by buying birds bred the way they are. (And I see why it's done, but I guess I'm too much of idealist and would like to see better ways of food management where fast and easy doesn't always mean better...someday)

    But on a more positive note, at least I have given a few chickens a chance to live a happy life, with an opportunity to bask in the sunshine and frolic in the garden. Here are a couple pictures of my "Plops" living the good life:


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    I'm glad that your bird's short life was such a nice one and that you got to enjoy her for as long as you did.
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    Oh [​IMG] that makes me so sad. I have never read up on the breed so I didn't know that they suffered that greatly at such a young age. It kinda makes me sick to think that they are bred like that.

    I'm sorry for your loss but it seems to me that they had a great life with you since you care so much about them

    Blessing to you.
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    How sad! They really should be labeled better at stores like that...what if someone went in and bought 50 of them thinking they would have some nice egg layers in six months?!

    A friend of mine got some of these last year to raise as meat, and after butchering decided not to eat any of them. She said when they opened them up, they were all full of tumors and weird stuff that just did not look healthy. She wouldn't even feed them to the dog because they were so deformed! Yuck!

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