RIP Mary Poppins

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    May 25, 2014
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    After over a year with our flock, we lost our first chicken last night. My husband posted her epitaph on Facebook, but I felt like the BYC crowd would appreciate and understand more, so I'm posting it here as well. I was not expecting to be so devastated by this! I've cried on and off all day... It's amazing how these chickens can steal our hearts.

    My husband's epitaph:

    "Rest in peace my dear sweet Mary Poppins. Her feathers were all that remained when I went to close our sweet babies in last night. Billy Joel said it best, "only the good die young," and she certainly was a good chicken. She loved vegetable scraps and eating the bugs that would emerge from under the water dishes every morning. She couldn't fly as well as the others, but that never kept her down. I always likened her to a tiny gorilla with no arms, and I pray that image will live on in our hearts and minds as we remember a truly ridiculous, oval egg laying, feather footed friend this day and forever."



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    I'm so sorry about Mary Poppins. She was a sweet looking hen. The epitaph is a lovely tribute to her.

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