RIP My favorite 2 chickens :(


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Mar 12, 2009
About 2 days ago, the door to my chicken coupe got open some how. Then the next morning my dad found 2 of our 5 chickens dead in the area in front of the coupe..
They were dead.. My favorite 2 chickens just dead like that. And do not call me or my dad bad owners, because we have no idea how it got open... There were feathers everywhere and the predator probably killed them because it was (probably) night time and the 2 chickens were both yellow (the others were brown). And these 2 chickens were the "nicer" ones who don't usually run away from small things.

So my father and I have been wondering.. What was the predator that most likely did the killing?

etc: there have been 2 eagles not even 1 block away that have been spotted in the past week. Please!



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Nov 10, 2008
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killed and then just left dead at night, my bet is on a raccoon or a family of them. They will kill a whole coop full with no other reason than they can.


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Feb 11, 2008
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Nobody would call you a bad owner!! The fact that you are making an effort to find answers is commendable. I don't know what kind of latch you use, but raccoons are very good at latches. Anything a preschooler can manipulate and open can be manipulated and opened by a coon!

Also, is it possible that a neighbor child or a younger child in your family may have opened it to look at the chickies and not closed it properly? I ask because I remember some old posts where somebody had a problem with young kids wandering into her yard and leaving the coop open. Stuff happens. If humans aren't involved with the door being open, I would suspect raccoons.


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Jan 31, 2009
Tulsa, OK
Oh...Why does it always seem to be our favorites! It sounds to me like a raccoon, too. Sorry for your loss hdvision.


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Mar 12, 2009
YES. Okay IT WAS A RACCOON! Last night, i was right about to fall asleep, then i heard my hens screaming louder then ever!! Then i yelled for my dad to come out and we both ran down to the coop, when we got there, we saw a raccoon run up the tree in the middle of the coop! The raccoon came in from the ceiling of the coop!!!

I was so scared. If i didn't do my school work at the time i did, or if i listened to music, then the remainder of my hens would be dead!!!

Damn raccoon. My dad tried hitting it but it ran up the tree!!
And just today my dad went back to the coop and 4 eggs were eaten (broken) and 1 dead rat was found. At least 1 good thing came out of this mess!

So how do i get rid of raccoons?

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