Rip off scams still around-ARE YOU KIDDING ME???


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Hillsborough, NC USA
I have posted several ads on craigslist to sell some furniture and a piece of jewelry. It is nice, kind of high-end stuff, and I've had a few legitimate people respond, but I've already had 7 scammers try to get me with the "oops, I sent you a money order that was ACCIDENTALLY for over the price, so just deposit it and wire me the difference." What in bloody hell???
That is SO annoying, even after I specifically said, no checks, no money orders, no paypal, cash only.
Are these real actual people doing this or do they have software to automatically go after folks with this scheme? No dice here. I really hope no one falls for this kind of BS anymore! But I guess some people do, or the scammers wouldn't still be trying it....Anyone else ever had someone attempt it with them? The only other experience I've had with Craigslist is selling a couple roosters, and I found great people to rehome them to.
If it works, it'll be around forever, sometimes with a different spin. I've heard of the scammers sending the "extra" amount & telling the receiver to keep an "extra $50 or $100 for your trouble." That's when greed takes over & how they hook their mark.
I've always steered clear of anything that sounds too good to be true--'cause it usually is!
I have found that if you are selling high end items, you become a target. The scam must work often enough that these people keep doing it. I don't understand how people fall for such an obvious scam.

Another warning about selling jewels is that I know of one case where a family was selling high end jewelery, and the father was killed by a man and woman. The couple came to the sellers home acting like buyers. They were actually going to the sellers home to steal the jewelry. One of them hit the son, and the father tried to protect his son. The dad was the shot and died. It was awful. This wasn't that long ago, and happened in a neighboring city. So be very careful, and maybe meet any buyers in a public place.
A good friend of mine here is a sheriff and has offered (actually insisted) to be with me whenever I meet anyone to do any transaction like this. Good advice! And yes, the people did offer me extra $ which really freaked me out because I know I would never do that! Esp when I'm trying to get a good deal, which I assume normal people shopping craigslist are looking for!

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