RIP Potato Roo....

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    Jan 15, 2017
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    Greetings. I got my first chicks on my birthday back in January on the 7th. I moved to a 5 acres horse property in the woods of Fall City, Washington back in October of last year, 2016. This is a dream come true for me and my family. The property had a hen house, fenced run, and a fenced in area for the chickens to explore.

    Our flock of Ladies:
    One Welsummer
    Two Black Sex Links
    Two Barred Plymouth Rock
    Two Buff Orpington

    The ladies started laying eggs a few months ago and we are loving having these delicious eggs and sharing them with friends and family.

    On the property we also have, 3 horses, 2 dogs, 4 house cats, a slew of barn cats rescued and re homed to the property from feral communities in eastern Washington, 2 Holland Lop bunnies, and sweet guinea pig, zebra finches.. I think that's all .. for now.

    On Tuesday we said goodbye to our rooster :-(... We had received him from a neighbor. He was half silkie and half not sure. His father was full Silkie. This sweet guy was born a month before our hens and we took him on as protector of the ladies.

    Sadly, he became lame a few weeks ago and later paralyzed. We are pretty sure he was hit with Marek's.. We had him put down this past Tuesday and we are very sad about losing this beautiful boy. I know some roosters are difficult.. but this boy was a sweet sweet guy. During his illness, in the days before he died, he loved to cuddle, be stroked, massaged.. he was very docile.. and tender. The neighbors named him Potato and he was certainly a Sweet Potato!

    I contacted the neighbor who bred him and apparently she was not aware of Marek's or the potential to vaccinate the chicks at birth.. sadly, the hard way to learn. I know not everyone vaccinates after chicks are hatched, but if I ever breed chicks I will most definitely vaccinate for Marek's if not others as well.. Don't want to have to see a creature or flock go through this again when it can be prevented.

    Reading on vaccinations, chicken care, all sorts of related issues on backyard chickens has been very helpful. So, wanted introduce myself and begin to join in.

    Best to you all and your chicks!!
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    How sad about your little roo. Even worse that the neighbor didn't know about Marek's and has probably caused others to have it in their flocks. Survivors of Marek's will be carriers for life. I believe the vaccine only lessens the virus a little but, does not treat or prevent it.
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    Jan 15, 2017
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    Thanks so much @drumstick diva. Very sad week losing him.. I believe Silkie's are particularly at risk. My understanding is that my hens were all vaccinated at a day old, which really helps prevent them from getting ill from exposure to it.. He had no chance as it's in the air and dirt and he was prone to it.. ?? I am reading posts that some chickens can have Marek's and get through symptoms and survive? But this guy was going down hill and could not stand/walk, was losing his appetite, and he was flopping over onto his side and could not get up once he flopped over.. I did not see him improving and his quality of life was turning to suffering.. so it was time to let him go.. sadly.. It seems like a death sentence of a disease.. He is the Angel Rooster over his ladies now..
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    Hello and welcome to BYC - thanks for joining us
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    Hi :frow
    Welcome to BYC! Sorry for your loss.
    We are so glad you joined our coop.
    This video should help you find your way around the site.

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