RIP sweet Ugg


8 Years
Mar 25, 2011
Oakland County, MI
Ugg was a polish frizzle about 5-6 months old. She had a severe scissorbeak and was a lot smaller than most her age. It's always the special ones that require more care than the others that I fall for. She would never stay with the other chickens but would slip through the fence and run after me whenever she saw or heard my voice. I would make her special treats every day, oatmeal was her fave. I just had her at the vet to have her beak clipped and she seemed to be fine. I noticed she would be hunched over and just not feeling well. I checked to see if she felt eggbound, no visible worms, mites etc. She passed away in my arms last night. BIG THANKS to everyone that tried to help me with her last night. It happened so fast I can't even tell you. I was in shock until this morning when I went to feed them and she wasn't there. My husband, who doesn't even get the chicken thing feels so badly that he's trying to placate me with more birds... I am guessing that maybe she was just too small and maybe trying to produce an egg was just too much for her.
RIP Ugg, I'll miss you my silly cockatiel headed bird!

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Oh, so sorry! I remember you posting about her last week. So sorry she didn't make it, but I think since she passed in your arms, she went in peace. Very kind of you to allow her to live out her life, and she looked well cared for!

My sympathies to you and your husband,

I am SO sorry for you!
She looks like she was a huge sweetie:) Again, I'm really sorry for you. She must have had a great life, and a great mommy too:)
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I'm sorry for your loss. but you were a good mommy to her and you made sure she had a wonderful fulfilling life..God Bless You and Yours...

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