ripped off toe nail??? Is she going to be ok?

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  1. julietree

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    Apr 24, 2009
    I'm a BAD mom! My hen had this hard ball of poop on her toe for days. It kept accumulating more debris and it got to be the size of a golf ball! So I tried to break it up and get it off, but instead, her whole toenail came off with it!!! There is an exposed "soft toenail" there now. It seems to be bothering her. (More than the poop clump). So, should i take precaution so it doesn't get infected? I'm sure it will grow back, right?
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    Dec 30, 2008
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    i would wash it disinfect it with some salve or something to keep it clean and wrap it up. but one question why wouldn't you get that off when it was smaller? i notice my chickens get them now and again but i pull them off as soon as i notice them. i hope your girl is going to be okay.
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    My mama broody hen lost her toe nail and i put some wound powder (helps clean and stop bleeding )that I have for the horses....she is fine can always put some neosporine on it after happens
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