RIR Assuming Male Role???

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Nov 28, 2011
Ok, recently we have had roos but had to get rid of them as we live in the city. We had been without roos for a long time and they were only here for 6 months, that was their hatch time to their departure. We got rid of them in March and now recently my RIR hen is acting very strangely. YES she is a hen, we have had her since she was a week old and she has been with us for over a year, laying eggs all that time. Anyway, this evening she mounted one of our other hens like she was trying to mate with her. It wasn't the standard pin the head to the ground for dominance. She grabbed the other hens comb and then mounted her back acting like a roo. So my question is can a hen take on the role of a roo to the point of becoming one or trying to mate???? I have never seen this behavior before and she is not a dominant hen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
This has happened to me a few times. If there is no rooster I just assume everyone needs some action... The hens I sold my friends do it. Usually the dominant hen takes the "rooster role". I have even had roosters that are not around hens do that! Boggled my mind. My friends didn't believe me until they saw it. It's a normal/ natural behavior so no need to worry about it. Just hard to explain to someone who sees it :p.
. Shes not the dominant female by a long shot, but I guess it makes sense. Just a little weird

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