RIR/Banty Cochin cross

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  1. possumhunter

    possumhunter Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jan 6, 2010
    Just thought I'd share a picture of my mutts, in case anyone wants to see the result. The hens are rhode island reds and the rooster is a frizzled banty. These are super sweet birds. They are one month old and so far want to be held more than the silkies I hatched out at the same time. I can't wait to see what they grow up like.


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  2. Goose and Fig

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Fall Creek Falls TN
    Awwwwww! Tooo cute!
  3. evonne

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Las Vegas
    rofl.. how funny that you post this... i was just telling my friend i was thinking of putting my RIR in with my frazzeld banty cochin...
    he's red though so they would keep the red color...
    i'm thinking i'll put her in with him in feb and collect eggs to hatch starting in march.. by then you'll have plenty of pics as they get bigger and cuter for me to look at....
  4. rodriguezpoultry

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK
    Hope you have room for those cockerels! [​IMG]
  5. possumhunter

    possumhunter Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jan 6, 2010
    I got rid of most of them, but decided to keep 2. One straight feathered roo and a frizzled girl. They are just the sweetest chicks ever! I really hope their personalities stay the same. I gave 4 of them to my sister to get her started on chickens and she is in love with them. They love to be held! I would love to see pictures of yours as they get bigger. I'm dying to see if they are full size or banty and if they are good layers or not.
  6. SunshineSteedFarm

    SunshineSteedFarm Seramatching Equestrian

    Aug 18, 2009
    too cute! [​IMG]
  7. possumhunter

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    Jan 6, 2010
    Quote:LOL...those are the ones I just craigslisted [​IMG] I saved one boy and one girl for myself!
  8. TK Poultry

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    May 25, 2009
    Greencastle, Indiana
    awww i kind of wished i had some!
  9. Msbear

    Msbear Fancy Banties

    May 8, 2008
    Sharpsburg, MD.
    Those pictures are gorgeous!!!

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