RIR, BR, Buckeye, Silkie, Polish


7 Years
Jul 21, 2012
Paragon, IN
We're ready here at the farm to hatch for out winter brooding/grow out. Looking for hatching eggs (or hatched chicks if within reasonable distance of 46166) ASAP!

We're dumping all of our current flock into a mixed breed, free-range environment, and starting fresh with a few select breeds.

I've decided to take the path of breeding/preserving/showing three Heritage breeds. I'm looking for quality lines that have been maintained (BY YOU) for 5 years. Lots of pictures will be needed and lots of questions answered!

Heritage Breeds:

Rhode Island Red (Single and Rose Comb)
Barred Rock

My better half will be showing/breeding poofy weird crested birds.

Fancy(ish) Breeds:

Silkies - BBS, White, Buff

Polish - (Tolbunt/GL and WC BBS preferred)

Again, PM or respond here! Thanks for taking the time to look!
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