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    Mar 25, 2008
    Well we have been raising these rir for over a year now and they have been great. We started out with 25 4-H day old chicks(rir). We sold 5 at the 4-h show, gave 5 to a friend that wanted to start raising chickens and had 2 deaths. We started talking about doing the chick-chain again and decided we would do it. so now we have the 25 chicks and they are doing great, they were all very healthy when we got them,(last year they were lost for a couple days in the mail, but they all made it). The last week I have seen one of our hens sitting in the nesting box, but then she would get up and leave after a couple days. She has been on the nest for for over a week now, and I am thrilled.
    Sorry I am so dumb when it comes to computers and cameras there won't be any pic's of the chicks. I may be able to get my brother to take some in about 15 days I hope.[​IMG]

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