RIR broody?


Redneck Silkie
10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
I know my RIR is broody. She's setting on 5 eggs. I just didn't think RIR's got broody. Anybody else have any experience with setting RIR's?
They're usually not broody, but anything is possible! I've heard of broody Leghorns before! Congrats on your broody. I love broody hens
I do to. They are a riot. In this tiny small hutch I have a standard blue Cochin and a Bard Rock bantam sitting together on about 15 eggs. It's a blast to watch them together. The BR is about 4yrs. old and had never shown any interest in setting before. In fact just before Bertha (blue Cochin) went broody Flo was beating the tar out of her. Now they sit on the same nest and Bertha squeezes in and puts her wing over Flo. I hope she does it again tomorrow because I'm dying to get pictures. But of course whenever I need my camera my daughter has snatched it to use to take pictures of my grandbaby.... Oh well, it could be a lot worse.
I have a RIR that has been broody for a couple months its not that shes a bad mother but the last two groups of eggs where eaten and she picks the worst places for a nest like in the corner of the run .
My RIR is missing feathers on her chest. I suspect she's pulling them out. I don't know why, but maybe she's thinking of going broody.
I figured she'd be my least likely to go broody.
My bet is that this isn't going to last or she will eat the eggs or the babies when they hatch. I just have that gut feeling.

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