RIR chick beaks

Ruby Rose

5 Years
Feb 18, 2014
Hey All,

I'm a brand-new first time chicken owner and I just bought 8 chicks from Tractor Supply. I was told they were all Reds, (supposed to be all Rhode Island Reds) but I notice some of the tips of their beaks are a rust color. It's not all of them. Is this normal? Is it just some of them are slightly older? Is it something I should be concerned with, or no?

I can't find any information on the internet, so I figured I'd try you guys!

I also got 3 R.I.R.'s (hatchery not heritage) this year and only the one I suspect as a rooster has an actual red tip the other 2 are a much paler rust kind of color.
i bought 6 same place and noticed that the wing tips were white after 2 days or so? now they are 2 weeks old and now i see some rust or red feather sprouting. thought they were going to be all white but not ……just wait….not much can do except WAIT…...

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