RIR egg laying is all out of whack :he


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
My 9 month old RIR (21) began laying mid september and the first couple eggs were super tiny, then all of a sudden the eggs got huge, I mean too big sometimes to fit in the jumbo cartons.

the last couple weeks I have been noticing the eggs are getting smaller, which is no big deal cause well they are at least still laying right...progressively each day I got smaller eggs, today I got several eggs that are slightly smaller than an extra small chicken egg. uhmm smaller than my first pullet egg in fact!!

how much smaller can they get, I mean seriously?? lol....is this normal, please say it is, and that next step is not that they will stop laying altogether

Their laying has been good but its looking more unpredictable each day that passes. I will say they are healthy and are well fed. I know its normal for sizes to vary but this much??

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You might be seeing wind eggs/fart eggs. They are just an incredibly tiny egg that sometimes has no yolk. Expect the unexpected with new layers.

Good luck.
lol...now I am wondering if it even has a yolk...guess I will find out after work when it comes time to make supper. thanks for the explanation. really appreciated.


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