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    Apr 28, 2009
    Hey Everyone!

    We are in the process of starting a game bird farm in central Arkansas, www.tnrgamebirds.com and are also going to hatch and raise a few breeds of chickens. We do not want them to come from a hatchery. We are looking for OLD standard breed Rhode Island Reds and Dominiques. We are wanting to have between 125 and 150 RIR hens + roos and 75-100 Dominiques. We need someone who can offer a good deal on about 200+ RIR eggs and 150+ Dominiques. All purchases and shipments need to be within a few weeks of each other so our breeding flock will stay close to the same age. That is the downfall of not buying from a hatchery. But we are going to try to do it this way so we have a better flock of birds. We will be ready for shipments to start around the 25th of this month. If you are interested please PM us pix and/or websites with info on your birds. Thanks a lot.

    Troy & Amberlee Ray
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    Check with sunshine silkies she has some really nice ones...
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    I am offering 18+ RIR's for 20.00 thats including shipping. They are pure bread. I'm trying to get pics on here, iIthink I have 1 but not sure. I also have a wesite, it is www.thecampbellfarm.webs.com The pictures on there don't do them justice, it was taken inside the coop. The pic on here is much better. They are a real dark red. If you send me you email I can email you a better pic.

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