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Jun 4, 2009
HI i have gold laced wyandottes and rhode island reds and was wondering what i would get if i cross them?

i also have 4 blue wyandottes on the way and want to know what i would get if i cross them with the golds or reds.

also i think my golden laced roo is a partridge? can some one post a pic of there golden laced roo so i know for sure? thanx

also i'll post a pic of him and my golden laced splash here later
ok here you go pics of my rooster and gold splash








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The wyandottes you have do not carry all of the genes they need to be gold laced. Female only carries one set of the Melanotic and patten genes. The male appears to be missing one pattern gene.

If you crossed her with a rhode island red you could get darker red birds with feathers similar to the birds in the pictures (male and female) to red birds that appear to have small amounts of spangling, solid red birds (male and female) similar to rhode island red, very poor partridge red birds (female only), and red birds with dark red/black neck hackles ( female);males will have a darker back and hackles.

The rhode island red and GLW cross is complicated by the many possible combinations of genes that could segregate. Some of the genes are linked and that complicates the process also.

Crossing blues with other birds would produce blues and blacks. Some will leak red and others may be solid black or blue.

The roo is not partridge. He is gold laced. Partridge males look similar to black breasted red phenotype.

ok if i crossed my gold laced hen (pictured) and my gold lace roo would the off spring be similar to the hen?

also i have a few more "true gold laced" that i could take a pic of.
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If you hatch enough chicks you will get birds that look similar to your hen. It just depends on how the genes segregate when the egg and sperm are formed and how your hen and rooster carry the genes. It can be complicated.

thank you so much tim!

one last question

would they still be considered a gold laced wyandotte or a different breed of my own?
The cross should produce some birds that meet the standard for lacing while other birds will not be laced. If you go by the standard, the birds that do not have the lacing are not gold laced wyandottes. That is how I interpret the standard.

Birds that do not meet the standard would not be a different breed. They would not even be a different variety because they do not breed true. If you cross two birds of the same variety, they should produce birds very much similar to the parents. There are exceptions: blue and dunn colors. The birds you have will not do this.

That is my opinion on the matter. I do not show birds- I just work with the genetics that cause the traits. As far as genetics go, you can produce birds like yours by doing the correct crossing.

If people like the secondary color pattern in the birds, produce them and sell them. You could call them some kind of a wyandotte but not a gold laced wyandotte. The wyandotte purists may not like a person giving the bird a wyandotte name but you can not please everybody.

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