RIR has clear runny poop

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    May 24, 2009
    Mint Hill N.C.
    I noticed that my RIR female 16-20 wks old is discharging clear runny poop when she was out in the yard this morning. I use pine shavings from lowes in both coops and she is on Blue Seal starter/grower crumbles she seemed to want to hang out in the coop yesterday but was out today and active but I noticed a clear ruuny poop she had as I was putting them up in their coop to let the other flock out to free range. They were rescued 29 days ago from a craigs list ad from bad conditions but all are doing well with the exception of a case of fowl pox that is gone now. Any suggestions or is this a temporary thing that happens? they dosome foraging but nothing in the yard that has bothered any of the other 16. She looks like she has a wet butt and some white fecal matter on the area.
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    May 21, 2009
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    I would like to know also, I got some new chickens and the roo had the same problem, I was not sure if it was the stress of moving around....
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    If they are drinking a lot of water, they can have real watery poo. Their is a post on a poo chart that you can look at around here to help you identify different stool types....... do a search for it. [​IMG]

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