RIR hen has huge HARD mass directly under her vent.

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    Aug 7, 2013
    She is up and about. Eating and drinking. The mass is around the size of a baseball. Could be a bit bigger. I gave her calcium and a warm bath to see if that may help. I think she may be egg bound but I don't know. I currently have her wrapped in a towel sitting on my lap to dry. Any suggestions? Oh and my fiancé "checked" for an egg. He said he didn't feel the shell in there. I don't know what to do!

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    well the egg soes not solidify until it is laid, so i wouldent imagine you would be able to feel a shell anyways

    Give her a warm bath, for 20 minutes or so then use some epsom salt . then, tuck her under your arm and put some vegetable oil / olive oil on your fingertip, lube the vent with your finger (i know sounds gross). If you can feel the egg, lube it too

    do not press on it EVER! you will kill her! if its an impacted egg

    on the other hand if the bulge is full of watery fliud it could be ascitis, if thats the case you would have to use a syringe to drain her

    at which point i would recommend a vet highly as i personally dont like sticking needles in my animals myself. just me

    hope that helps
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