RIR Light Brahma Mix - Guess Gender

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    This is Yeti. Right now she has a crook in her neck from standing with her head tilted for to long but she can eat and drink.

    My guess is hen but I did wing sex at hatching and it was rooster.

    Any for sure predictions out their? Couldn’t figure out how to upload the video.

    ETD: hatched on Christmas Eve so she is almost 3 months? Maybe like 2.5 months?

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    Looks like a pullet to me. :)
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    x2. You can't actually feather-sex most breeds. You can feather-sex crosses if the father is fast-feathering and the mother is slow-feathering, because it's a sex-linked trait. If that isn't the case, then feathering means nothing, despite what youtube videos would have you believe.

    RIRs and Barred rocks are slow feathering, and I believe that any of the cuckoo colors are fast-feathering.

    Males can carry two copies of the slow-feathering gene, and females can carry only one. I believe that this is why RIR males and BR males tend to feather out rather more slowly than the females do.
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