RIR might have eaten her chick.... HELP

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    Jun 18, 2016
    We have a RIR that went broody. We separated her and she has been sitting on the eggs very faithfully. We are right around day 21. Last night there were 7 eggs, today only 6 and a couple of small pieces of egg shell. The chick could have hatched and gotten out but there are no signs of a predator. We are concerned that she ate it. What advice do you have for the remaining eggs. This is our first time trying and they are my sons chickens so I am hoping for a good outcome. He is so faithful with our backyard flock. We do not have an incubator and from what I read we should not move the eggs at this point anyway.
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Since you don't have an incubator, I think all you can really do at this point is keep an eye on her. It's possible there was an accident, say she crushed an egg while entering/leaving the nest. The hens first instinct is to clean everything up so as not to foul the nest or attract predators. Now, if the other eggs start disappearing one by one, you might have a poor brood hen. But, I'd just assume it was an accident and keep a watchful eye.

    Best of luck, sorry about the lost egg, its always disappointing when that happens :/

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