RIR Momma and week old chicks. Daddy?


Aug 12, 2020
I only have one rir hen left from last years flock and two roos (one what I assume is a rir and the other is a bard rock) I kicked one roo out because, well one hen and 2 roos don't add up. My brother and law came over and let the other roo in the pen. (They didn't know and we fixed the issue) momma finally hatched her 12 chicks we have a colorful bunch. Black, yellow, and orange is. How can I tell who is the father and possibly what sex these chicks are. I assume the 6 black ones are bard rok mix and the 4 yellow and 2 orangeish are the rir ( im assuming )



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You have to go the other way to get sexlinks-- RIR rooster over a Barred rock hen so you cannot tell by color what the gender is.

The yellow and red chicks are likely from the RIR x RIR cross. The others are from the Barred rock rooster

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