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May 23, 2011
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I got my order of chicks last week from the hatchery and I am going to bet any money that I have a rooster in this batch. I ordered pullets but I am guessing this one is a rooster. It is much darker than the other two, already has tail feathers coming in and it also has more red in its beak. Here's some pictures. Any help you can give me would be great, as to determine if I have a roo or not.
These photos they are about 10 days old.

This comparison - it's beak is way more red and it just has a "rooster" look to it... Comparing against Gretta - it's hatch mate, who is much lighter in the head and her beak has no red to it at all.

Roo1 by mgdk05, on Flickr

In this one, you can see how much darker the back of the roo??? is. Gretta looks to be much lighter and still has a "golden" look to her.

Roo2 by mgdk05, on Flickr

This final one is of tail feathers. Notice how the possible roo has so many and how Gretta has none yet.

Roo3 by mgdk05, on Flickr
I have a simular question I was suposed to get one RIR Roo all are the same except one who has a Green Cap or Helmet and white showing around wings..
I was hoping that it would be easy to tell, and I am still going to place my bets that this one is a rooster... but if anyone else has any thoughts... guess away!
Hard to tell by the pictures but the one you think is a rooster isn't a Rhode Island Red I see way to much Blue/ Gray coloring for that to be a R.I. Red.

"Gretta" could be a R.I. Red or a Production Red and looks to be a cockerel (young Rooster).

Thanks Chris - but I know they are RIR's. I ordered them from Meyer Hatchery and I ordered RIR
Thanks though, I hope they didn't throw something else in the mix!

I also ordered straight Pullets... which is why I am concerned.
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I would be willing to bet that the one you think is a rooster is not a R.I. Red.
I have raised Reds for some time and I have never seen a Red with Blue/ Gray under color I think Myers may have tossed in the wrong breed on the first bird along with possibly the wrong sex on "Gretta".


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