RIR roo + BO or Leghorn or BS or EE = ?


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Apr 25, 2010
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I have a RIR roo. What would I get if he was crossed with a BO, Leghorn, Black Star or EE. I searched the past posts and thought if I posted this it would be faster.
You would get a very nice laying chicken, usually referred to as a barnyard mix. The cross breeds wouldn't "be" anything, not like a sex-link. You'd probably get a great variety of colors, that's a big reason many of us like to mix breeds.
I believe with the white leghorn hen you should get sex-link chicks, but don't quote me on that. The others would more than likely be some shade of red or buff.
Thanks to all you wonderful BYC people.
I'm not trying to breed anything special. I was just curious to find out what the chicks will look like. I have 20 eggs in the bater and due to hatch on Halloween. Thanks Lensters for the link which I will be saving.

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