RIR roo legs turning hot pink?


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Apr 14, 2009
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I noticed the other day that my rooster's feet kindof had a bit of bright hot pink between the toes and up the "ankle" area - and I figured he had probably found something colored and scratched at it.
Today I noticed that his yellow legs are starting to get this hot pink/almost red coloring to them. It's kindof speckled, not solid, but now it's all up his legs. He is also starting to get spurs.
I can't tell that they look scaly or "off" in any way except the coloring.

Do RIR legs change colors as they mature?? Or is this a sign of a problem?
Mine did. I figured it was just part of "growing up" since everybody looks great. I'll be watching your thread though to see if anybody has an explenation for it. I'm curious now.
roosters on maturity will get the specks on the legs and feet as well as maturing to have spurs

if the legs and feet are not inflamed red or swelled it is just maturity
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