RIR roo x silver laced wyandotte hen???

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    ANyone ever tried this mix
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    I hatched these a couple years ago. This cross makes red sexlinks which can be sexed by color at hatch. At hatch, males were white and females were red. As adults, the males were actually quite beautiful, very similar to a Light Sussex but with yellow saddle feathers, yellow and black hackle feathers, and some black markings on the breast feathers (some birds had more markings, others at first glance appeared all white).

    I sold all of the females of this cross by the time they were eight weeks old, but they were looking very similar to my Rhode Island Red pullets. If I remember correctly, they were kinda lighter red in color, but with more black in the hackle feathers, wing feathers, and tail feathers than the purebred RIRs.

    Depending on the genetics of you Silver Laced Wyandottes, the chicks may or may not have rose combs. The rose comb gene is dominant, so if your SLW hens are homozygous for the rose comb gene (i.e. they carry two genes), then all of the chicks will be rose combed. If a hen is heterozygous (i.e. carries only one gene) for the rose comb, then half of her chicks will have rose combs and half will have single combs like their sire. If the hen has a single comb herself, then all of the chicks will have single combs.

    Hope this helps! [​IMG]

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