RIR? Roo?


7 Years
I have a What am I Album on my profile with more pictures.
Not sure how to upload pics - sorry.
Last 3 photos were 2 weeks ago.
Now apx 6 -7 weeks old.

First mis-labled as a "Buff Worthington", then told was a BO.
I'm thinking a RIR. Now as to gender?
Saddle feathers and longer tail say pullet.
Thick legs, body and that comb/wattles seem a bit much for a pullet.
Any guesses?

Thanks in advance!
I changed my avatar to a better head shot - old pic guessing 4-5 weeks old then. The "what am I" album has several more shots. Comb still light then but pronounced. Following week a tinge of dark pink and this week good and pink - but not the dark red your's shows that early. I've 3 younger RIR pullets from the same hatchery (Estes) that had the same feather pattering - dark red with large flecks of buff and black here and there. Combs are not as pronounced, legs not as thick and rounder more pullet-y bodies.

Production Red? Really? Dang. I thought Estes was good about calling a duck a duck!
You have a Production Red cockerel

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