RIR Rooster and Black Sexlink Hen, what will the combo look like?

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    We are setting our second set of eggs to incubate today. We have one rooster, Billy Bad A** (BBA) who, although he looks blackish, we are told he is a pure RIR .

    We have barred rock hens, black sex link hens, and Rhodies. Obviously I know that we can get, purebred RIR's, black sexlinks, but what is the other combination? That being, if our RIR rooster has babies with a black sex link, what are they called? Just mutts? ;-).

    We are setting these eggs for my ex husband, who has some hens for eggs, so I want to be sure what to call them when they hatch.



    (PS my three araucana chicks are doing very well, they appear that they will all be white, and they have most of their flight feathers and are growing back and some tail feathers now, except for one rumpless [​IMG]).
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  2. Yes, you will end up with mutts. They will actually revert back to the barred rock side. We did that and ended up with barred chicks with red overtones. Kind of pretty really.

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