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RIR Rooster question

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by scottishsong, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. scottishsong

    scottishsong In the Brooder

    Sep 21, 2015

    We picked up 6 RIR chicks back in June and, much to our delight, one of them is a rooster. We guessed from the start he was a cockeral due to his confidence, always coming to check things out first, make sure everything was okay, etc. He was also slightly protective of the others. Well, here he is 5 months old now and just started crowing a few weeks ago. We think he is majestic. He is significantly larger than the hens and acts exactly like he should. His tail feathers are gorgeous iridescent green as well as many of his cape feathers. My question is, how much bigger will he get? The hens are all the same size as the other adult RIR hens we had previously so I'm thinking they are done growing. But does a RIR rooster reach full size at 5 months old? Also, will his tail feathers get longer or are his current tail feathers about the standard for the breed? Any information on roosters of this breed will be appreciated. He is our little star.

  2. Ifish

    Ifish Chirping

    Feb 28, 2015
    Both the pullets and cockerel will get heavier, not necessarily bigger. Bigger is kind of subjective and individual, where the actual weight and shape are what it comes down to.

    The standard calls for a cockerel at 7.5lbs.
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