RIR Roosters or hens?


8 Years
Jul 16, 2011
Donegal, Ireland
Hi guys,

Im new to keeping poultry. Only had my first batch of 3 for about 2 and a half months. I have 3 RIR's.

1. The guy I bought them from said they were born in early to mid March and that they should be laying my late July or mid August at the latest. It is now September and no eggs!

In the last 3 weeks or so, their combs and wattles have become a very rich red and increased dramatically in size. They have also put on a lot of weight.

In recent weeks, their tail feathers have gotten very long and have become a noticeably green colour and have taken on a disctinct "arch".

Also, they are becoming increasingly aggressive wih each other, charging at eachother with their neck feathers extended like a lions mane!

Last but not least, my partner is convinced that she heard a crowing of some description coming from the henhouse last week. I thought it was egg song, but no squatting, no eggs and no egg song since.

It is because of the above factors that I have come to the conclusion that I may have been sold 3 roosters instead.

Can anyone help me? I think I have been conned!

Here are pictures of all 3.

Hen/Rooster 1.


Hen/Rooster 2.


Hen/Rooster 3.
Wow, that's bad luck. All boys, surprised they aren't crowing yet. You should check craigslist for any local point of lay hens in your area. Should be about $15 a bird. As for the boys, they are tasty!
Even though I supspected it, I'm still gutted
and furious aswell!
Thanks for getting back to me. Any advice on what to do with these three guys? I don't have the heart to eat them!! lol
You could try craigslist. There might be someone local who would trade for pullets. Might also be someone on here who would like some boys.
Yep all boys!!

I know how you feel...my first 6 birds I got were supposed to be all girls and were all roos too!! I put them on craigslist and was able to rehome them. I couldn't eat mine either! The next six I got, I was more aware of the characteristics of roo vs hen and I'm pretty sure I got all hens this time. Try again cause chicks really are fun to watch!!
I am in middle tn......i dont have a roo... i have 4 rir hens.. ( i think lol they are 16 weeks and shouldn't i know already?!
) so where are you at?
Is there a poultry swap in your area? Maybe you can swap them out for laying pullets. Otherwise, craigslist. Your RIR cockerels are VERY handsome and nice looking. I'm not sure if your picky on the breed. I have one RIR pullet and yesterday she laid her 10th large egg in a row.

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