RIR vs Golden Comet

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    Oct 20, 2011
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    I am really beginning to wish that Ontario Canada had access to the same hatcheries that the folks in the States do....I picked up all my ladies at 2 different "Feather and Fur" swaps. I was told my EE chicks were really Ameracuanas (and I asked specifically for that breed) and now it appears that my RIR pullet is not really a RIR but rather a Golden Comet? What is the difference between these breeds/hybrids and how can you tell the difference?

    Thanks in advance. I can't post a pic until tomorrow but she is red with white dots on her neck.
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    The Rhodie has no white, nowhere, no how.

    Here's a couple pix of my red sex links I currently have in the flock. You can see white tips, white under feathers and white tail feathers. A RIR is deep crimson in color, has an unusually long body (called a brick), yellow legs with alligator tracks on the front.

    The difference is night and day to my eye. BTW, my Rhodies are far from SOP, yet clearly, look very, very different than the rusty sex links. The Red sex link uses a Red rooster (several breeds work) over a white (silver) hen (again, several breeds work). It is a hybrid. (mutt)

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    Red with white dots on the neck sounds like a Golden Comet. If you go to my BYC page---and go to "Jottings" there are a number of pictures of my GC "Henrietta". A RIR would be dark -- and maybe a jump to a hatchery page in the USA here would show some picts characteristic of the breed, or even the breeds section here in BYC. Golden Comets are lighter in color than RIR and seem to have a white underfeathering, white wing tips...

    Ameracuanas are supposedly only available from a breeder. It becams a shorthand to call EEs by that name though. I got an EE called an Ameraucana too, but it wasn't from an Ameraucana specialty breeder, so I just call her an EE---- and she doesn't even have a muff at present, but seems like a month ago she did have one starting---I think it is a growing-up thing.

    As for GC's --> I am the greatest fan. Mine comes from RIR father and RI white mother. She is smallish, docile, and lays eggs like there is no tomorrow. I guess it partially depends upon what exactly you want your chickens for, but a GC would probably be a better layer than a RIR (no offence to RIR people out there).

    Woooooo I see Fred's Hens added pictures while I was typing. Beautiful birds Fred's Hens!! Perfect examples.
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    Your Comet (aka red/gold sex-link, red star, cinnamon queen) will be a great bird and a fantastic layer, so that's a good thing. As you learn more, you'll be better able to tell breeds on your own. The folks who sold you the birds honestly might not know they were wrong, just cause someone calls themselves a breeder and sells birds doesn't mean they know what they're talking about.

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