RIR vs. Red Star for egg laying


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May 21, 2009
I am hoping to dot the i's and cross the t's with the town next week and finally get to order my chickens. I am planning a small flock of 6 or so birds. I am wondering if there is any egg production difference between the RIR and the Red Stars?

I like the idea of the more historic breed like RIR but would the Red Stars put out more eggs or are they just more efficient in converting food to eggs. Also is there any difference in the two for winter laying?
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We have 5 red star and 5 black star pullets...they are amazing...we "average" 8 eggs a day, with at least a day a week we get 10 eggs. They are not aggressive, love to sit and get a good scratch. They were too young this past winter so I can't say, but I was told by several that they lay right thru winter. Good luck.
I have 5 Hyline hens. They are similar to Red Stars I think. They are a cross between a RIR and a White Leghorn. They are the sweetest hens ever. They sit on our lap and let my little boys hold and pet them. They follow me everywhere. I got them as started pullets from our local farm store, so I was not expecting them to be this sweet. They lay 5 eggs a day every day for weeks now. Since I just got them this spring, I do not know about the winter, but I have heard of others who say this breed will lay right through winter and will not go broody. I don't want to raise chicks right now, so that was fine with me. Since all I wanted was sweet hens who would lay eggs and be easy to care for, this was perfect for me. Hope that helps.

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