RIR VS sex link eggs.chick colors.Please read,I can explain in post

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    I have a RIR rooster with three RIW hens. I know the chicks hatch out white for boys and buff for girls. Well, I would like to put in some RIR hens inthe coop with them. I am wonding if I will be able to tell the difference in the chicks when hatched. I know I will be able to tell the white boys, for for the girls, is their a color difference between the buff of a red sex link and a pure RIR chick.

    I hope this makes sense to what I am asking.
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    Quote:Your question makes makes complete sence to me . I don't have the answer though so bumping by saying I don't know if the sexlinked pullet chick will be noticably different than the straight RIR . [​IMG]

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    Yes you should be able to notice a difference between you sexlink pullets and str RIRs. Your sexlink pullets will be kinda red and white striped as chicks.
    Look here at mine in post #12. these are from crossing a Speckled Sussex rooster on RIW hens, you would get the same thing using a RIR rooster since both RIRs and SS are Red Columbian based.


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