12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I would love to have you tell me about your RIRs? Are they true RIRs or are the Production Reds? My dh agreed that I should have chickens, he agreed to build me a great coop WITH the agreement that --along with my Barred Rocks, Ameraucanas, Marans-- I would have a couple of RIRs for him (he grew up with these big, fat, dark red, sweet hens and that's what he wants now).. He had mentioned he was a roo also--but I vetoed that because I have heard nasty things about the roos... Several people have advertized that they had RIRs and when questioned they said well they were production reds--much better, nicer etc etc.. BUT dh wants RIRs--So, is there a big difference? Thank you for all the information you can share...Dixie

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