RIR's and Cherry Eggers?? Need some pictures-4 weeks old

Double T

9 Years
Mar 11, 2011
W Texas
I've got 10 total red 4 week old chicks, 5 are supposed to be RIR's and 5 Cherry Eggers, problem is that I can't tell them apart! I can't share pictures right now as my main computer that I use is packed still, and the one I'm on freezes and crashes when I try to add pictures, so I was wondering if anyone could share some pictures? I'll get some of my gang and post 'em soon as I get my other computer up and going again.

Also is it normal for Red Star chicks to look a bit different even if the same age? I've got 4 pullets that are supposed to be in the 14-16 week range, they are dark red, sweet as can be but 3 have longish tail feather (and honestly from the pictures I've seen look more like RIR's) and one is the same dark color but she has a short tail, instead of the longish feathers. The longish feathers are a very dark almost blueish color, darker than the other red on them.
What is a Cherry Egger? Never heard that name before, but it sounds really cool!!

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