10 Years
May 5, 2009
I have a serious roach problem in my coop! They are also in the feed. They don't seem to bother the chickens - in fact, I think they are a tasty treat when they catch them. However, they totally gross me out.

We live in the middle of the woods about a mile from a pretty large river, so I can only assume the environment makes it worse.

Is this normal? Is there anything I can do about it?
I know DE works to kill insects. Sprinkle some in the feed as well as in the bedding and it should take care of the problem. Just note some people believe that DE can cause problems so do some research first. I am not sure if it does or not but I figured I would mention it as a disclaimer.
As far as normal I am not sure but I know they are prolific breeders so once they find a source of food they will go crazy. Good luck.
I know that the DE food grade works .I use it on my dogs and chickens and put it in there food . I sprinkle it around the inside of my house to kill the pest ,and it is not harmful to humans or animals ,just make sure it is DE food grade . I bought mine at a producers co-op that sells feed . Good luck
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That's interesting . . . I'm actually raising roaches for my chickens and gecko! Both love eating the roaches. I'm surprised any roaches survive with chickens around. Hope you find a solution to your infestation! me flash backs to living in Florida....Roaches and Palmetto bugs
The chickens should be after them though...I would try the food grade DE (and maybe point some out to the chickens....they're food....
) Good luck.....
We have the "giant roaches" or water bugs/Palminto bugs . . . and they seem drawn to my coop as well,
but honestly they are just EVERYWHERE after dark, especially anywhere damp and with all this rain recently it's been bad! Fortunately they are just water bugs, not an indicator of how "clean" my house is or anything like that. Their presence doesn't mean my chicken house is dirty, just damp from all the rain.

I opened the lid on my chicken tractor the other day, and a big roach fell down on my rooster's back and Queenie gobbled it up off of him!!!

So yeah, the chickens like to eat 'em when they can, and I just put out roach baits in my kichen because the roaches run in the freakin door everytime I open it at night, so it doesn't matter how "tight" my house is a few still get in.
If you have a pic I would be interested in seeing it. I am somewhat of an entomology nut and I am curious what people call roaches/water bugs because the two are in completely different orders so to me they are worlds apart. The DE will work on either though.
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What is DE? Sorry, I'm new around here and these are my first chickens - I got them this spring.

I guess I use the term "roach" a little loosely. These are actually what I would call "waterbugs" - they are big! There are some smaller "house" roaches, too, but mostly just the big ones. I would post a pic but I do not know how to on here - yet another thing I don't know about.

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