Road trip from Chicago to LA--Things to see?

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    Hey, everyone!

    Next week my boyfriend, my duck, and I are moving from Chicago to Long Beach, California, a little south of LA. I was wondering if anyone who lives along the approximate route (see map) has ideas for attractions we might want to stop and see. We can diverge from the path a bit, but we'd rather not go more than a few hours out of our way since this is already going to be a long trip. Basically, we're looking for quick, easy tourist attractions that we can stop and see to break up the drive. Of course, we also have the duck, so we can't really do much indoors, and it's too cold for things like hiking until we get down into the southwest. I do have a stroller for my duck though, so I can take her on walks with us. [​IMG]

    Thanks for any ideas!


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    I-70 from Denver into Utah is an interesting trip... check the weather, you don't want to be caught in a snow storm for that leg of the trip!

    There are one or two BYCers that live in Salina, UT who I imagine would offer you a break and some hospitality.

    In Utah, you could go south on Highway 89 to see Bryce Canyon National Park and then down through Zions National Park towards St. George and back on to I-15 to head into NV and CA.

    Cove Fort in Utah...interesting Mormon pioneer fort, just off I-70/ I-15 junction in Utah.

    Visitors Center for the St. George Mormon Temple in St. George, Utah.

    Boulder Dam south of Las Vegas.

    Of course, LAS VEGAS!

    Grand Canyon is a bit too far off your path, but worth it if you've got the time.

    That's a LONG trip. I've traveled most of that route at least twice.... in different pieces. Lived in Milwaukee for four years. Grew up in UT. I've been in AZ for 26 years now.

    Good luck!

    (There is another, "safer" winter route... Chicago to St. Louis, then Kansas City, then Witchita, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff (not far from the Grand Canyon), and then I-40 into California.)
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    Thanks for the great info, Mahonri! We're actually planning on seeing the Grand Canyon even though it's a bit out of our way, so that's definitely on the list. The route on the map is just what Google Maps says to take. Trust me, I'm all in favor of traveling farther south first and being in the warmer weather. Crossing the Rocky Mountains in winter seems like a nightmare to me! But, my boyfriend really wants to visit his friends in Denver, so I think we'll be staying up north for the first half of the trip. Kind of a shame, because as far as I can tell, there's really not much to see all the way through Iowa and Nebraska. Hmm...

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