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  1. Today is the day! We're heading over to Brooksville to pick up our nine chicks. We've been counting the days, and then the hours (DH thinks we're nuts) and soon the minutes. Can you tell I'm excited? Up before 6 a.m. on a Saturday!

    Last night she was singing "These Boots Were Made for Bawkin'" OMG. I have the world's funniest kid.

    I hope I'll be a good chicken mom and if my chickens give me 1/10 the amusement Coop-a-Kick has, wow...I'll be sore from laughing all the time.
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    [​IMG] , are you sure it will be only9 chicks? I see you coming home with thoseand then some more because they were so cute. Where in Lake County do you live? I used to live in eustis and my hubby was working in the army recruiting station in Leesburg. Also at the Mt Dora fleamarket is a lady that sells chickens,ducks,turkeys....
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    Conny, are you psychic?

    After my husband watched them for a few minutes, he said (very calmly, to his credit), "That's not nine."

    I came home with two Ameracuanas (sp) in addition to the nine we had planned on (it started out as THREE...honey, can I please just have three little chickens?????).

    This messed up my perfect plan of a trio of trios for chickens and names, but on the way home, Cook-a-Kick and I named the extra girls Amy and Janis. It was that or Britney and Lindsay, and although I hope she gets her stuff together, I just cannot tolerate Britney. [​IMG]

    Meeting Joann and Deiter was really fun, and their chickens are spoiled rotten. I am so glad we split an order rather than ordering separately because now I have chicken buddies in Brooksville! They have the coolest playhouse for their "older" chickens.

    We'll put pictures up as soon as I can peel Coop-a-Kick away from the girls. They are SO funny! The wyandottes are really assertive. The Ameracuanas can fly (10 days old...I have the most advanced chickens on the planet).

    I'm in chicken love.

    ETA: This is FloridaChickenChick...didn't realize Coop-a-Kick was logged in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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