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    I am teaming up with BYC user JerseyHen to bring some sort of eggs each time she comes to LA and see if we can study shipped eggs without the USPS getting involved - see what is really caused by them and what damage is essentially unavoidable.

    After some discussion between us, we decided to start a separate thread to see if this idea can gain traction.

    How many of you travel for work or play? Why not post your travel dates here and bring some eggs. you could also swap eggs and take some home. The altruistic could even do it for others.

    Imagine paying 120 bucks for 8 Brittish Orpington eggs and then waiting for USPS to get them to you when there is some BYCer down the street that is going to be in San Diego, New Hampshire, Dallas or wherever the supplier is during the next two weeks.

    Bring some eggs to Disneyland and I will swap them.

    Attend a conference in Tampa and bring back some Swedish Flower Hens.

    Imagine the possibilities.

    I copied this over from


    TSA is not an issue but its best to make it very easy for them.

    For a small amount (I have done 24) of eggs and to be sure you know how they are handled, carry on is easy. When you go to the screener tell them that you have live eggs that you have live eggs that need manual inspection. They may balk if they are new at the job but should ask someone more experienced. I use 3 piece foam inserts. I tape the bottom piece of foam to the larger "holed" piece. They take the eggs and foam out of the box, then put the box through the xray and use the "sniffer" on the eggs while still in the foam. The top piece of foam is not taped so they clearly see the big end of the eggs.

    The TSA process adds 5-10 minutes but I would add half an hour.

    If traveling internationally, TSA procedures are the same. Its customs in the country you are traveling to that you need to know and meet the requirements as far as documentation goes. You will need to understand the requirements or risk

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    I dont travel very far but I am sure some BYC do alot of traveling! [​IMG]
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    I dnt travel hardly at all but I am very interested in learning all I can. I am very new at shipping and keeping chickens, I want to do the very best job I can in my side business. So thank u for any info you can share I will be grateful! Thanks!
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    The best way to learn is to keep reading on this site.

    You may not travel far or often but you may never know when the opportunity pops up.

    This may sound really crass but I have been numbed by death and sadness as a nurse - but how many of y'all out there in chicken land flew off somewhere on your only flight in four years to bury Aunt Nellie. While you were in Aunt Nellie;s town, did not look in the local craigs list or BYC threads so find eggs? Such a waste of opportunity. Instead of just mourning aunt Bessie, hatch some eggs from her town and name the hens after her.

    Carpe Ovum! (sieze the egg!)
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    I totally agree! I hardly get out of my town but I wouldn't be opposed to traveling a small ways to deliver chickens /eggs. On my next travels I would be happy to bring eggs with me. I want to learn so keep it coming!

    I dnt think that was crass just honest which I can appreciate. I always say you never will know till you ask. So please be prepared for lots of questions. Thanks again for sharing.

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    Yay Oz! Let's see what happens. This could actually be so much fun. I will be traveling between northern NJ and LA a few times this year. I will be bringing Oz some of my eggs for his phillipines merikan chicken experiment. I can bring extras to trade or to ferry some back and forth for others as well. I am not sure how much room I will have in my carry on yet, but I am willing to give it a shot. Let's not make this golden eggs the first few times, ok? I will need to figure out how to get these eggs safely to the destination (with mentoring from Oz) and would feel terrible if anything goes wrong.
  7. ozexpat

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    I am eggcited!

    I really think that you will find it easy once you try,

    this is the case i use for carry on eggs. its small enough to act as a briefcase. fits under the seat easily too and weighs 2lb empty
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    I use to travel a bit and smoked cigars. The travel humidors would hold probable a doz eggs. Air tight and water proof and would fit into a carry on bag.

    Heres a larger one,

    And again Oz and Jerseyhens another case of one persons thought affecting so many others. [​IMG]
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    I used to have one of those humidor cases, but I got rid of it a long time ago. I will have to keep my eyes out for something suitable. Anyone else in So cal/LA area want to swap with anyone in the northern NJ area? Let's make this happen. I need to practice.

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