Rob & cherylcohen on NBC's TODAY show... Possibly Monday 4/11

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    Back in October of 2010 Cheryl and I were interviewed (I went to Cheryl's beautiful house since it is a diamond compared to our rough) by TODAY show correspondent Jenna Wolfe about raising backyard chickens. We had no idea when it would be aired... kinda one of those pieces they hold on the back burner to show when they have an appropriate spot.

    Well, we've been told that it MIGHT be airing this Monday. The plan is Monday in the 8:30 half hour, but things often get moved around so it might be on at a different time, or maybe even "bumped" if other news, etc. comes up that is "more important" (I know... what's more important than backyard chickens!?!? sheesh! [​IMG]

    So, we'll have our DVR's set to record TODAY on Monday morning with our fingers crossed [​IMG] ... but also knowing there is a chance it could be bumped without notice.

    Update: Here is the segment:
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    Neat! Congratulations!
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    [​IMG] I'll be recording it too! [​IMG]
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    How exciting [​IMG]
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    Nifty and Cheryl , May I be the first to request your autographs?? [​IMG] Contrats!!
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    Hey! A reason to watch the news!
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    I'm confused? that is the link to the forum homepage
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    That was weird! Fixed now, thanks!
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    Totally Awesome!

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