Rochester hatchery continues to amaze me

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by adoptedbyachicken, Aug 15, 2008.

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    Rochester Hatchery (Alberta, Canada) continues to amaze me, got 100% live arrival of strong vigorous chicks and poults again. In the about 5 years I have been ordering from them I have never had a DOA. They seem to take the weather into account and tape the box such that they will have the right warmth and ventilation. I have moved from a city that had home delivery by mail to now where I pick them up, had them show up on the Greyhound, and I have had winter shipments from them by air that all arrived safe too. The only first few days losses that I have had is when a layer hen broke into the brooder and went on a rampage killing quite a few. The only turkeys I have ever lost from them drown in my horse’s water trough once they were out free ranging.

    I like too that they are willing to phone and tell you they are moving your date. I know it’s a pain when they delay but in contrast my co-worker had an order in for Sex-Sal-links with Miller and they sent her New Hampshire Reds. As they grew up she called them and they told her they did not have enough SSL and they reserve the right to substitute. So she had to raise 50% roosters and get rid of them and now has some wonderful broodys not laying. I’d rather be put off a week. Delay has only happened to me once in 5 years so not a big deal.

    So 120 peepers in the barn! Figured out the food and water right off, sleeping now.

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    Aug 8, 2008
    hi 'dopted...

    are you saying that they can mail actual chickens? [​IMG]

    how is that possible?

    wonder if they could mail a person [​IMG]
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    kemp texas
    great sounds like a success story
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    Chickabee chickens are shipped by mail all the time, most hatcheries do all their business by mail. Very few are picked up.

    New hatchlings don't need food or water for a couple days as they have the egg yoke to get them started. They do just fine. Adult birds are shipped with fruit in the box so they have both food and water. As long as the shipment goes well, not too hot or cold in with weather and not delayed, it's usually OK.

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