Rock`N Orps and the Fluffettes...12+ Eggs + 8 mystery eggs


Jan 16, 2008
12+ whatever is laid by shipping day. Tuesday March 2nd.
I have 8 extra eggs I forgot to mark, they are either blue rock or orpington eggs out of my 1 Black Split/Lav Project Orp roo with 2 blue,1 white,1 black and a brown orpington hens. These will be included in the 12+ eggs.
The blue rock eggs I`m selling as mixes, they are out of a coop of
1 Blue roo (he`s half orp/half blue plymouth rock) with 2 blue, 1 splash and 3 light blue splash Plymouth rock Hens.
I`m selling these as mixes, because the blue rock roo is technically not a pure breed. The hens however are. The only thing I can guarantee is Fluffy chicks and big fluffy adults. Thanks Tony
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