Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers Annual Fall Show 10/24

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    FYI . . . below is the text of the email I received last night from RMFF regarding the annual fall show next Saturday 10/24.

    We are organizing a small BYC meetup for there Saturday afternoon. PM me for info.


    Just a quick reminder the Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers Fall Show starts a week from today! Birds will be allowed to coop in Friday evening and Saturday morning before 8am. All birds must be previously entered via entry form mailed to Show Secretary Brenda Strong. The entry deadline was this past week. If you have any issues with your entry please contact Brenda Strong at 303-274-5017.

    As a reminder the show takes place on Saturday October 24th. Judging starts at 9am and will commence Saturday afternoon. All events will take place on Saturday. If you're coming as a spectator be sure to come Saturday only. Friday is showroom set-up starting at 9am, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Sunday is tear-down and again any help is appreciated. For more info on set-up or tear down please contact Bill Eldgrdge at 720-276-8890. More people helping will make this job much easier on everyone else. You don't have to call if you want to help, just plan on showing up (weather permitting) Friday morning around 9am, and again Sunday morning. Thanks in advance for your help.

    We're very excited about this being our 30th Annual Fall Show, we hope to make this show the biggest and best ever. Feel free to come and look around, there is no cost to be a spectator. There will be breeders at the show not only showing their stock, but some will have stock available for sale.

    The RMFF Club will be hosting several events on Saturday for everyone’s enjoyment. Refer to your show catalog for further information. Don't forget this is a FREE event and should be fun for the entire family.

    Hope to see you all there!

    Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers

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