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    Sep 24, 2011
    Many thanks for all the info , I have been away for a week so unable to add replies, I have finished the coop and I will upload photos when I figure out how. I have put a large window in made from clear Perspex and I will say it looks pretty good. As I only have a small garden and the total size of the coop and run is 4 meters I have had to have the coop on the patio and the run on the grass , My main concern is will I get rodents venturing into my house as it is only 3 foot from my patio door ?? . This is my last concern I think before I purchase my hens , Also I have fully glossed inside my coop as to aid easy cleaning. Is it worth my getting the hens just before winter as I’m told that they will not lay through the winter . Sorry for so many questions but you guys are my only help as I’m going into this blindfolded

    Many many Thanks

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