Rogue River Rooster Crow June 29 RR, OR

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    is held the last weekend in June, in RR, Oregon. Local folks bring their most vocal rooster to town to compete in a crow-off. RR also has it's own gaming, the Chicken *&#% Contest. Picture a large table with numbered squares, locals placing bets on their numbers, and then anticipating nature's call. There is also my sister selling tie-dyes at a booth and a parade. Fun to be had for all. If you are near, or passing through on I-5, stop in. When you see a giant R on the side a mountain, you're there.
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    Feb 21, 2016
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    My dad was once the President of the Rogue River Jaycees, who put on the Rooster Crow. You say local, and most are. However, my dad received, by truck freight, in about 1975, a Wellsummer Rooster from the radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas. His name was Rocky and they wanted to enter him in the contest. I was his handler. He did not win the crowing contest but did win the prize for being the farthest traveled bird. $10 if I remember correctly. The station donated the winnings to the JCs. We gave the Cock to a chicken farm in the area. Oh, and my sister was a Rogue River Rooster Crow princess that year.
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    I fell in love with RR my very first visit. Super hip town and the Rogue River drive - up coffee shop is so good.

    Thank you for explaining - always wondered why there is so much cool looking rooster art.

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