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    Sep 22, 2012
    Hello! I love roleplaying threads, I got the idea for this from the news section of the Roleplay Chat Thread. Here, the latest Roleplay news is guarenteed!
    First, remember no actual roleplaying will be done here, but feel free to chat about RPGs!
    Ready for our first issue?

    - ~Skyherd~ a Wild Horse Roleplay has been restarted, sadly, there are few replies.
    - My RPG: The Wild Chickens (And Other Birds) : A Roleplay Game. Please vist it!
    - I believe that ~The Forests of Avalon, A Dragon Roleplay~ Is truely the last dragon RPG up. Still, it is doing very well.

    Star RPer of the day is: HollyBird24

    Today's RP: *Drumroll* StormPack A Wolf RP! This RP thread is currently dead. Anyway, it sounded great.

    Today's Memorable RP posts:
    In every news post I will feature at least one memorable post. Here are today's:

    1. Our first comes from...~Skyherd~ A Wild Horse Roleplay!


    2. Our second MP is from StormPack A Wolf RolePlay

    3. Our last memorable post is from ~The Forests of Avalon, A Dragon Roleplay~


    We'll see you in the next post of: The Roleplay Newsletter!
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  2. this is pretty cool!!

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