Rolled oats okay for chicks?

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    I'm a newbie here and have a question about my new flock of two-week-old chicks (2 RIR, 2 NHR, 2 Cuckoo Maran).

    My grandma gave me a big bag of "100% rolled oats" today and I was wondering IF I can give them to the chicks and WHEN it would be okay to do so (assuming it is). I haven't started them on any grit yet as they are just eating starter feed (and the occasional bug!). Would I have to do anything to the oats, like chop them a bit more?

    From what I've been reading, chickens can eat oats, but I'm not sure about chicks. I'm hoping so, because that's less oatmeal for me! [​IMG]

    And just to liven things up, here's a pic of them out in their "playpen" today...

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    You could throw some grit down in that pen with them along with some chopped oats for a treat.
    Or, just make them some oatmeal !!! My friend J.J. always made oatmeal for her chicks. You can also mix that "just out of date" yogurt in to the oatmeal, too. Makes a nice hot breakfast or late afternoon treat on a cold day. Just dont over feed them with the oats, they need all the stuff in the chick starter to grow properly.


    And, those are some cute chicks!
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    If you don't have chick starter feed yet, you can feed them for a day or two on instant oatmeal, flaked infant cereal, or other whole-grain cereals. You can put whole grains (rice, wheat, barley, old-fashioned oats, anything) into the blender and blend them slightly. Do not blend completely to a powder the feed should have some "grits" in it. Leave the feed with them all the time they will stop eating when they have had enough. I will sprinkle grit on their feed as if I was salting it.
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    And if you're cooking it - Don't add salt, sugar or butter.
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    Thank you so much for the info everyone! I can't wait to see what they think of it. [​IMG]

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    I just found out from another chicken group that I belong to that the old fashion cooked oat meal is good to give them and it helps them not get pasty butt.
    and I did not know you can give your chicks oats that yound as well. Now I know what I can do with all the oatmeal we get in the house.
    And I thought the chicks had to be older in order to give them grit. Never did give it to mine. Thought it was in their food already and when i take them outside they can get the same affect by eating the dirt or rocks on the ground. Nice to learn something new today.

    Are the rolled oats we give the horses okay to give as well?
  7. Davaroo

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    Rolled oats were recommended many years ago as food for chicklets. These, a few shreds of green stuff and some hard-boiled egg, figured highly in their diet.
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    I've been treating mine with it in the evening as scratch. Cute chicks!

    ROCKIN R FARM Songster

    Dec 4, 2008
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    well then I guess starting with tomorrows feed I will give them just a little bit in their starter and see if they will eat it.
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    Apr 7, 2012
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    i was wondering the same about the oats i give to my horse, did you get an answer to that question? regards Julie x

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