Rollers, tumblers, modena?


9 Years
Feb 6, 2010
So do rollers, tumblers, roll and tumble while fly? And Modenas can you let them free fly or are they a loft bird? How long do you have a bird before you can let it free fly? I don't know really anything about pigeons, but I'm thinking about getting some.
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Go to You Tube and type in rollers,tumblers,etc. in the video search box.It will bring up lots of videos of them flying.
If you get grown birds you need to let them nest a time or two before turning them out. Young birds need to get used to their surroundings for at least a month or two. Performing,aka.Birmingham ,aka flying rollres turn saumersaultes in the air,Parlor rollers can't fly after they are 4-5 months old and turn sumersaults on the ground. Modenas can be free ranged,but if you have hawks they won't last long because they can't outfly a hawk at all. They are ground to roof flyers and that is about it.

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