Romeo is lossing weight what do I do

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    Ok I have a White Cochin rooster named Romeo. The little rascal every since I put him with a few hens he hasnt been eating a whole lot. Hes to worried about the hens having all the food. The pigs. I tried seperated him in to a cage and bioled him some eggs and choped them up for him but all he does is pick and up and cluck. doesnt even eat it himself/ [​IMG] I left him in the cage with the food for a few hours and he hasnt touched it. so I put him back out and gave everyone the eggs. I have wormed him recently and have wormed him again this week.What can I give him to gain weight? any advice?

    Thats him in my avatar
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    Protein... BOSS, chicken, that stuff works great. The typical things that you'd feed a molting bird.

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