Roo acting lethargic, doesn't sing, and white watery poo. Does he have diabetes?


7 Years
Oct 27, 2012
Hello everyone, I'm a new member here and have been following the advice of many others who have asked questions and go answers on their chickens and what to do with them.

I have two roos. Dumpling and Angel-Face (respectively)

I had them for three years and I love them dearly. Dumpling holds a special place in my heart, he nearly died two times, but he fought with all of his might and pulled through. This time, I don't think he'll be as lucky.

He accidentally injured his hock a few months ago. My family and I were able to bandage him up and he was making a good recovery, until Angel-Face thought it was okay to push him around. So it was back to square one.

This May, I've noticed something wrong with Dumpling. Dumpling used to sing the most out of the two. He hardly sings. When the alpha roo pushed him around. He would struggle and scream. Now he just sits there and lets that happen.

When it was time to eat, he would gobble down the feed like crazy and drink lots of water. He hardly touches any feed, all he does is drink water. We'll force him to eat, but he doesn't want to. He'll flick it around with his beak. A chicken's fecal matter tells a lot about a chicken's health and it shows. My roo's fecal matter is white and watery with the occasional green stuff.

He's also lethargic. He wants to sit down, but his most recent injury (By now, I separated the two. Angel-Face is too aggressive), prevents him from doing so. Now he lays on his side.

I read somewhere that chickens can get diabetes if they have an injury, a really severe injury. All of the signs and symptoms of getting diabetes are very prominent. I saw the same symptoms happen with my father, he's a Type II Diabetic. (Loose of appetite, excessive urine, loss of weight) .

I don't know what to do. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know! Thank you very much!


PS: These are pictures of Dumpling before his current state.


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