roo bachelor pad


11 Years
Jan 16, 2009
Colbert, Ga
How long can my young cockerals be in a "Bachelor coop" before they start fighting? I am currently overrun with little roos. They currently outnumber the little pullets about 4 to 1. A few are starting to mount the girls, and I dont want the girls hurt. Would it be ok to put all the extra boys in the Bachelor Coop until they are sold? They are mostly Frizzled Cochins and a few silkies and OEGB and one gorgeous NH.... all bantams.
No answers yet?????

I have 5 boys locked in the run right now. 4 need to go, 1 is just in time out. Anybody have any experience with having a 'roo coop' long term? They seem to be starting an alternative lifestyle
as of now.
If they cannot see the girls, you can toss them all in there without too much issue.

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